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CIB provides you with innovative solution-oriented products for your documents from template to archive. Individualised project support from planning through to maintenance. Long-term, partnership-based cooperation for mutual success.

For the last 30 years, CIB has been an established manufacturer of standard applications, innovating output and document management as well as an innovative partner in IT consulting. More than 2,000,000 licenses in total are used by our customers, which include renowned financial institutions and insurance companies, public administration as well as international industrial companies.

Across the globe, over 160,000 private customers and more than 300 large- and medium-sized companies rely on the CIB solutions and consulting services.

Just a few CIB solutions to begin with:

pdf brewer CIB doXisafe
Our web application CIB doXisafe is your easiest way to share your documents! It is quick, free and secure – no registration required!
The doXisafe App is available for free on Google Play and the App Store.
pdf brewer CIB pdf brewer
Easily generate PDF documents from within all Windows applications. We´ll enable you to edit or re-edit documents without any loss of data and much more. Different versions available: start now with the freeware! Visit the Website
pdf brewer CIB doXigate
Your communication platform to coordinate, edit and exchange documents with your customer. Interested? Visit the website
pdf brewer CIB doXiview
More than just a web based viewer! Open and view documents of a wide range of different formats, edit documents or minimize file size and share it as an e-mail and a whole lot more.
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CIB coSys: The Document Lifecycle Allrounder

CIB coSys supports all aspects of document lifecycle management (DLM). As the only provider, we cover with CIB coSys the complete process chain from the template creation up to long-term archiving. 

Learn all about the benefits of CIB coSys