Dynamic generation of business charts and diagrams

Your offering to customers is of premium quality but unfortunately the crucial data are hidden in an unintelligible table. To make his / her decision, the customer needs a detailed and nonetheless clear form of representation. A diagram illustrates the statements being made and simultaneously loosens up the document. The generation of these business charts and diagrams is to take place dynamically and in each case with the currently up-to-date data. It should be possible to prepare the graphic template required for this purpose in a single operation by using a graphical interface.

Solution :
CIB chart offers you these possibilities and a large selection of chart types (e.g. line charts, pie charts and bar charts). The definition of the graphical layout can be optimally integrated into your standard raw-text-creation process. The chart can be created both when the document is being created (CIB merge) and when it is being output (CIB format).

For customers who have already used CIB merge and CIB format / CIB print, this does not entail any extra programming work because these modules address CIB chart directly. Programming for CIB chart itself is not necessary.

CIB chart will be made available to you in the fourth quarter of 2002. You can find details regarding the functionality under CIB chart Whitepaper. Interested? Request detailed information from: info@cib.de

Technical Solutions : 13.08.2010 16:45