Generate professional PDF documents from within all Windows applications, using features such as font embedding, document protection and image compression.

Can be used as unlicensed freeware in cases of noncommercial use only.

Price: 19 Euro - order.
Pricelist for multiple licenses

Additional functions of the licensed version

  • Sending documents:
    The converted document can be e-mailed directly. When e-mailing the converted document, you can optionally predefine a default recipient, subject and body and whether the mail is first to be displayed before it is sent or is to be sent immediately.
  • Encrypt document:
    Using encryption, you can control what possibilities the reader has when using your document. When converting, you can choose whether the reader
    • can print the document or not
    • can change the document or not
    • can add notes to the document or not
    • can make form entries or not
    • can copy parts of the document into the clipboard or not
    • can make modifications to pages
    • can open the document with or without a password
    • and whether contents can be read using a screen reader.

    At the same time, the password assigned for the security options always ensures full access to your document.

  • Embed character fonts:
    By embedding character fonts, you can reliably ensure that your document is displayed with the character fonts chosen by you, even if they are not installed on the reader's system. In this way, your corporate identity retains the same look and feel across all platforms.
    • Character font options: Here, you can check what character fonts the current document contains and select which of them are to be embedded.
    • Basic rules for character font options: Here, you define the basic specifications for character-font embedding. You choose what character fonts are always embedded and what ones are never embedded.
  • Optimizing the storage space requirement for pictures:
    Using this, you can considerably reduce the file size of documents containing pictures. Various resolutions and a continuously adjustable compression rate are available.

Extended options for professional users

  • Installation on Windows Terminal Server /WTS and CITRIX
    CITRIXThe CIB PDF products are easy to install and use on a Windows Terminal Server or on CITRIX. Such installations also support customized configurations and VMware ESX servers. Please contact CIB pdf Support to obtain a special server version. You can find information on licensing on our order.
  • Optimum integration into application development:
    (PDF directly from within your application using the CIB pdf brewer API)

    Using a simple API interface, the CIB pdf brewer can be straightforwardly integrated into your application or invoked via command-line parameters.Among other things, the versatile interface provides you with the following conveniences and advantages:

    • full control of the driver's behavior via properties (thereby also enabling dialog-free control)
    • integrated synchronization of the print job and thus easy access to the generated PDF
    • optionally, you can also integrate the printer setting dialog into your application
    • settings can be made globally or individually for the application or specifically for a certain print job
    • reliable integration thanks to transaction management
    • specially tuned to the behavior of Office applications
    • can be controlled from programming / macro languages and from scripts

    We will gladly support you in implementing your specific requirement - please contact CIB pdf Support. There, you can also obtain information on the license model for the CIB pdf brewer API.

  • Add-on products for your application
    For other requirements e.g. merging data into PDF documents and fields, placing information in arbitrary positions, interlinking PDF files etc., we also supply other interesting products, including the CIB pdf toolbox and the CIB pdf form server. For further details, please contact CIB pdf Support

Program functions in all versions

  • Generating PDF from within all applications:
    The conversion technology used generates PDF documents by choosing "File | Print..." within your applications.
  • Buttons in Microsoft© Office (2000 or higher):
    From Microsoft© Office 2000 on, Word, Excel and PowerPoint will display buttons for directly calling and configuring the CIB pdf brewer.
  • Page setup options:
    You can set the paper size, paper orientation, various scaling options, page margins and a scalable page frame around each page.
  • Using a watermark:
    If desired, you can assign watermarks to your documents. These will appear as the background of all pages.
  • Defining the appearance of the PDF file on opening:
    This enables you to specify the appearance the PDF document is to have when opened by the user, for instance with continuous double pages. You can also choose a starting page at which the document is to be opened.
  • Program execution options:
    Customize the CIB pdf brewer to your own preferences using the following options:
    • Actions following PDF conversion:
      Choose whether, following conversion, the PDF file is to be displayed for review.
    • Defaults for the destination filename:
      This allows you to specify the name and/or folder of the generated PDF files which will then be displayed automatically.
    • What happens if PDF files already exist and are about to be overwritten?:
      By default, the program prompts the user saying that the file already exists. However, you can also stipulate that the file be overwritten without prompting or that the CIB pdf brewer generate consecutively numbered files.

System requirements

Microsoft Windows© NT4/2000/XP
Size of the setup file: 4 MB

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