Error 103 while installation of CIB pdf brewer

While executing CIB pdf brewer setup, the following error message appears:

Probably the system file "framedyn.dll" is missing in at least in one of these directories:
1. c:\windows\system32\wbem
2. c:\windows\system32\dllcache

Please note, that "c:\windows" could also be named "c:\winnt", this depends on your system. If you find the file "framedyn.dll" in one of these directories, please copy this file into the respectively other, so that both directories contain it.

Another reason for this error may be, if system call ADDPrinterDriver (Error 126 "module not found") fails. In the majority of cases the reason is, that Windows environment variable "PATH" isn´t set correctly.

Please check the Windows environment variables by calling Start | sytem control | system | advanced | environment variables. Maybe a adaption is necessary.
In order to install CIB pdf brewer properly the entries for system variable "PATH" must contain:
Values, that are already contained in "PATH" have to be completed by the missing with semicolon.

These entries are also approved by Microsoft:

Microsoft Support

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