Error: "cibwwpdf.dll couldn´t be loaded!"

Please ensure that:

1) the file "cibwwpdf.dll" exists in Windows system directory (normally in C:\WINDOWS\system32)

2) the file "cibprt32.dll" exists in Windows program directoy (normally in C:\Program Files\CIB software GmbH\CIB pdf Plug-in)

TIP: Use the search function of the explorer. Click with the right mouse button onto the directory you want to search in --> "Search..." --> Enter the relevant filename.

3) the registry-entry
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\CIB software GmbH\CIB pdf\Pathfinder\PrintDll is set correctly and refers to "cibprt32.dll". Normally: C:\Programme\CIB software GmbH\CIB pdf Plug-in\cibprt32.dll.

The registry can be opened by: Start --> Run... --> "regedit" --> OK

Please send us a short message if one or both file(s) are missing or if a registry-entry isn´t set correctly.

Further points could be also relevant for you:

4) Check the macro security settings of your firewall

5) Please use the following links to set the PATH environment variable correctly:

Tips and Tricks
(Don´t pay attention because that´s a CIB pdf brewer FAQ)

Microsoft Support

6) Some customers noticed, that the installation of CIB pdf plug-in on C:\ drive may help. However, all our tests approved that the functionality of CIB pdf plug-in doesn´t depend on the choice of the drive´s letter. Anyway, this hint may be helping.

7) Last not least: Please copy the file "cibwwpdf.dll" into the Word program directory, where you also find winword.exe, for instance Office 2000: C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office 2000\Office.

Your questions are always welcome:

CIB pdf Support

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