Setup reports registration error / CIB pdf plug-in reports compiling error in "Modul2"

The error was located exclusively in connection with Word97 because of missing Visual Basic runtime files, which aren´t installed under Word97 by default.

At first please close Microsoft Word and uninstall the CIB pdf plug-in (start --> system control --> software --> CIB pdf plug-in --> uninstall). Then call the Microsoft Download Center with the following link and install the update.

Therefore please download the file "VB6.0-KB290887-X86.exe" on your computer by clicking on the button "Download". Please double click on this file. Afterwards you´re asked where to extract this file; please choose a directory like C:\temp by using the button "Browse ...". You´ll now find the file "vbrun60sp6.exe" in the chosen directory; a double click on it starts the setup.
Microsoft Update VB

A new installation of the CIB pdf plug-in is necessary. The current version is available on our servers for free:
Download CIB pdf Plug-in

Please assure that with the click on this links it is transferred completely to the address line of your browser.

The installation of CIB pdf plug-in should now work without registration error.
If you restart Microsoft Word now, you should be able to work properly with the CIB pdf plug in.

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