There are multiple buttons for CIB pdf brewer visible on some Microsoft Office program's (Word, Excel, Powerpoint) toolbars for a short time. How can I remove the unnecessary buttons?

The internal name of current versions of the CIB pdf brewer toolbar is different from the name of former versions. The changed name prevents the setup from removing the additional toolbar automatically when updating the CIB pdf brewer. To remove the unnecessary toolbar manually do the following:

- On the menu bar, choose Tools | Customize... | Commands | Tools and insert the command "COM add-ins" per drag&drop into the toolbar or menu bar of your Microsoft Office application.
- Click the newly created "COM add-ins" button.
- Remove all entries named "CIB brewer Add-In".
- On the menu bar, click Tools | Templates and add-ins | Organize | Toolbars.
- Remove all items labeled "CIB Toolbar" or "CIB pdf brewer Toolbar" from the list and close this dialog.
- Click the "COM add-ins" button and add the file CIBbrewerAddin.dll from the installation directory "C:\Programme\CIB software GmbH\CIB pdf brewer\" to the list again.

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