CIB fairBrief Eco solution

Environmentally friendly – sending letters with a single click

I remember writing a letter to my parents as a child in the school computer lab using a word processing program. We had to print out the document, fold the page carefully, put it in an envelope and stick a stamp on it. To mail it, I had to go to the nearest mailbox. Over the years, I repeated the procedure many times, while thinking even then how great it would be if I could do it all with the push of one button….

Send your letters with a single click

Fortunately, today there is the CIB fairBrief, which makes exactly that possible. The CIB solution opens up the world of hybrid correspondence in the way of a digital copy of our letter and its physical delivery to our mailbox. In addition to the convenience of writing letters on all mobile and desktop devices, the workload and delivery time is significantly reduced.

A green solution with easy integrability

The mailing solution is not only practical and time-saving: the ecological footprint is reduced when transport logistics are largely eliminated. As a matter of course, CIB fairBrief offers a wide range of options for system integration. Our customers thus benefit from a solution that can be tailored to virtually any business structure.

CIB fairBrief is growing with high volumes of mail and increasing number of partner printing centers. The launch on the Spanish market was a question of time, and today we are pleased to have first local print partners and a first Spanish pilot project. 

Pilot project: great synergy with satisfactory results  

CIB fairBrief was tested in an initial pilot project with the Valleseco Town Hall in Gran Canaria. After a successful collaboration with the municipality and its IT department, first mailings were already successfully created and sent. Coincidentally, I even had the pleasure of personally witnessing one of our letters reach the recipient.

CIB fairBrief will soon have more local printing centers throughout the country to offer this solution to customers nationwide.  

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Enrique Díaz

CIB Developer