Deploy LibreOffice professionally and securely!

Combine the advantages of an award-winning free and open source office suite developed by a world-wide community and the benefits of a professional, secure support offer!

We also support you with all LibreOffice applications as well as special solutions in the areas of document creation processes and correspondence management.

Business, LTS or Online: From certified developers with first-class support

Libreoffice powered by CIB

LibreOffice powered by CIB for Business

Libreoffice powered by CIB

LibreOffice powered by CIB LTS

Libreoffice powered by CIB

LibreOffice Online powered by CIB

Save costs, time and resources

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Cost savings for production, time savings for personnel

You focus on your core products while we provide professional support of your LibreOffice deployment for predictable, transparent cost.

Cost reduction through effective, customized updates

Instead of community version (a new installation with each new version), we deliver incremental updates as MSP Package that can be deployed by your IT department using standard tools.

Time savings through less downtimes

Faster resolution of bugs and incidents - we have experienced LibreOffice developers who devote their work time to LibreOffice development exclusively.

Resource liberation

Free your employees to focus on your mission-critical products.

The business activities of LibreOffice powered by CIB

Phone support

Get a phone number to call when your LibreOffice deployment does not work or problems occur.

Individual support

We agree on individual support models that matches your requirements and allows you to plan your expenses.

Bug fixing

We resolve bugs reported by you in your LibreOffice version. We take care of the community version, too.

Feature and extension development

We develop new features and extensions according to your specification if particular interface or functionality is missing from LibreOffice or if you need a custom LibreOffice-based extension.

Training and consulting

Individual customized trainings and consulting

Minimum system requirements

Basically the following operating system platforms* are supported for the LibreOffice powered by CIB version:

Microsoft Windows

Windows 7 SP1 ‌‌| Windows 8 ‌‌| Windows Server 2012 ‌‌| Windows 10


Linux-Kernel ab Version 2.6.18 ‌‌| glibc2 ab Version 2.5 | GTK ab Version 2.10.4

*Java is required for certain features

The system requirements correspond to the general requirements for LibreOffice.

Do you have questions about the product or licensing?

LibreOffice powered by CIB LTS versions are licensed on a per-seat base. Use the contacts below to get more information about our current terms and conditions. Support costs will be calculated according to your agreed-upon individual support plan.