CIB Jrec2 is a Java-based WYSIWYG editor for RTF (Rich Text Format document) text processing. Analogous to Microsoft Word, CIB Jrec2 covers all significant functions needed for text processing and formatting, e.g. business correspondence.One can prepare text components or building blocks for your documents in Word. This allows the user to use and edit those documents with CIB Jrec2 from within your Java application. Installation of another text processor like Word is not required.Text processing can be performed in a Windows or Linux environment.

Basic features of text processing

  • Text formatting (font face and font size, foreground/background color, underlined, strikethrough, italic, bald, superscript, subscript, hidden, etc.)
  • Paragraph formatting (align text left/right/centered/justified, space before/after a paragraph, paragraph indent, line spacing, paragraph control, keep paragraphs together, page-break-before, colored paragraph margins, special indentation ”first row“ or ”hanging“, etc.)
  • Section change and section breaks
  • Page format (portrait, landscape, page margins, header and footer, multi-column text)
  • Page format on section scope


Advanced features for business correspondence

  •  Multilevel lists and bullets with handling of styles in all levels
  • Tables and table processing (alignment of cell content: above/below/left/right/centered, foreground/background formatting, inserting and deleting of lines and columns, processing of table layouts using a mouse)
  • Headers and footers (control of the first/following pages)


Enhanced features

  • Hyphenation (automatic hyphenation, soft hyphenation, paragraph scoped hyphenation)
  • Spell checking (multilingual und paragraph related)
  • Showing/hiding of control characters and hidden content
  • Paging, scrolling, zooming
  • Drag&drop for document loading
  • Cutting, copying and pasting formatted content (Copy&Paste, Cut&Paste)
  • Loading document components from files
  • Processing of field functions, e.g. for displaying of page number or date of print
  • Processing history with undo/redo feature (Undo & Redo)
  • Various zoom levels and display modes

The cross-platform application CIB Jrec2 can be run in Windows or Linux environments and operate in either 32-bit or 64-bit Java environments.

CIB Jrec2 is – apart from the optional spell checking - 100% pure Java.

Default file format is RTF. It is possible to enhance CIB Jrec2 to support ODT format for loading or saving files independently of the input format.
Due to its easily adaptable user interface and various integration interfaces, CIB Jrec2 can be seamlessly embedded in an application frame or be used loosely coupled with existing applications.

Examples of adaptations:

  • providing only a subset of all possible functions to the user so that you can control the structure of the content.
  • configurability of all icons and the overall Look & Feel
  • restriction to certain font faces for text processing

CIB Jrec2 can directly be embedded in Swing and SWT applications or can be used as an applet in a web browser. If you are planning to use a purely browser-based solution in the future, we can help you to make your plans a reality.