Documents are prepared in the standard word processor familiar to your employees.

CoMod retrieves the utility data required for document generation (CIB merge) via standard interfaces (XML, ODBC, CSV ...) and merges them with the desired texts and layouts. The rules required for this purpose can be defined directly in the relevant reusable text module with the aid of highly powerful and simple specifications and without programming.

The resulting document is device-independent. If necessary, any information possibly not yet available can be entered by the user in the document context (residual data entry, CIB dialog). The document is updated with the additionally entered information and, where necessary, the information is passed on to a database or application.

It is also possible in the document context to make only certain parts of the document available to the user for post-editing purposes (CIB rec).

The finished document can be formatted and output for a large variety of output devices and output formats (document output CIB format and the output modules).

Before the actual output, the document preview (CIB view) can also be displayed to the user.

Needless to say, the document can also be generated and output completely in the background or in batch mode. Besides that, it is possible to determine in detail what actions are to be taken in the event of an error.

The significant flexibility and the capability of integration into your system environment are enhanced even more by the provision of user-exits / callback functions.

We will gladly support you in choosing the configuration which is the optimum for your purpose!