CIB html

CIB html creates a HTML file from the resulting document. The HTML output is significantly optimized with respect to its visual similarity to the initial document (e.g. character formats, paragraph formats, page formats, table elements, frames, charts etc.). CIB html also provides the feature of converting form fields to HTML form fields. In this way, the HTML output can be used as an entry dialog for an application. To optimally combine CIB html with CIB dialog, the systems of rules used in the resulting document can also be generated from that resulting document.

Aside from that, solutions are also available for requirements from everyday practice, such as:

  • Creation of a dynamic table of contents making available its entries as links
  • Conversion of charts and diagrams contained to JPEG and embedding them in the HTML
  • Control of the background color / image, window title, default text color, control of the header and footer lines etc.
  • etc.