A modular and cross-platform middleware solution not only reduces your costs but also provides you with the opportunity of increasing your revenues by means of the rapid implementation of new business ideas or the qualitative enhancement of existing business relationships.

In order to be able to react cost-effectively and quickly to the practical challenges, an integrated system is essential for the complete document life cycle:

For uniform output and document management, CoMod (CIB office Module) provides you with innovative and high-performance standard modules. The combination of these modules delivers the optimum solution which is also adapted to your case-specific requirements.

Already now, this solution is significantly reducing the costs at several companies and also providing smaller organizations with a solution which can be integrated easily and quickly.

Whether it be traditional business or @ business, you can systematically increase the potential advantages which exist in your organization for all aspects of document generation!

CoMod fully satisfies the requirements of everyday practice and has the conceptual potential of effectively relieving your application development - in the future too. CoMod accomplishes this uniformly reliable and convenient solution through:

  • The separation of the application and the document layout
  • The separation of document preparation and document creation at runtime
  • The separation of document creation and document output
  • The encapsulation of the data access definition and access operations
  • The use of platform-independent standard formats
  • Support of the complete document lifecycle
  • Simple migration scenarios for existing solutions
  • Several years of practical know-how