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CIB merge apparently has problems with large data quantities. It uses up more and more memory and causes the system to "seize up".

In all likelihood, this behavior is being caused by the text you are using. Your text probably has one or two fields containing \* MERGEFORMAT *. As a result, merge "thinks" that it must first gather the field result before then applying the switch. This is an unnecessary performance strain.
If the switch of the field is removed, then merge knows that as soon as text segments are calculated, they can also be output. Internally, merge then performs an "update_and_write" instead of an "update", followed by the application of the switch and only then the "write" operation.
If making formatting changes in Word, make sure to manually remove the switches \* MERGEFORMAT * again which Word may have added automatically.
*) Depending on the Word version, the switches will be displayed either in German or in English.

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