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In my projects, text fields keep causing problems. How can I avoid that?

The use of text fields also produces two unpleasant side effects:

  • Text fields considerably increase the size of documents.

  • The positioning is not always clear and in some cases different in the individual Word versions.

For this reason, other solutions which are compatible among the various different Word versions are preferable. In most cases, there are alternatives which are just as simple as they are helpful.
Position graphics horizontally with tabulators and indentations and vertically using -> Format | Fonts | Character Spacing | Position | Raised / lowered .
In this context, whether you insert the graphic into a table or anchor it to a paragraph depends on the document you are editing.
Apart from the positioning, there are further aspects to graphics display with which you can significantly diminish the file size.
You can get a guide to the procedure from CIB support
Further elements:
Text fields are mostly unnecessary within the text flow. Tabulators, indentations and alignment are normally sufficient. For example, it is not necessary to use text fields to insert the page numbers: A simple alignment to the right or left is possible using a tabulator.
Setting of background colors for text:
The following alternatives save storage space and time when creating / updating the raw text:

  • Format the background color of the paragraph. To do this, just mark the paragraph and choose a background color using -> Format | Borders and shading | Shading | Fill (apply to paragraph)

  • If paragraphs do not suffice for the desired formatting, it is also possible to use tables. Then, the appropriate background color is assigned to the tables and the text is then inserted on top of that.

User-defined colors must be avoided in the case of both methods because Word 97 does not support this feature and, for that reason, the colors are displayed and stored incorrectly.

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