CIB pdf brewer 3

CIB pdf brewer 3 contains lots of new features as well as an attractive and clear user interface.

Top features:

  • create e-invoices: ZUGFeRD 1.0, 2.0 (Basic / Comfort), XRechnung, FatturaPA
  • highest standard of password encryption with PDF 2.0
  • significant reduction of file sizes with CIB fluXkomprimator
  • map profiles for use cases
  • and many more improvements!

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CIB pdf brewer 2

Generate professional PDF documents from within all Windows applications, using features such as font embedding, document protection and image compression.

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Program functions in all versions

  • Generating PDF from within all applications:
    The conversion technology used generates PDF documents by choosing "File | Print..." within your applications.
  • Buttons in Microsoft© Office (2000 or higher):
    From Microsoft© Office 2000 on, Word, Excel and PowerPoint will display buttons for directly calling and configuring the CIB pdf brewer.
  • Page setup options:
    You can set the paper size, paper orientation, various scaling options, page margins and a scalable page frame around each page.
  • Using a watermark:
    If desired, you can assign watermarks to your documents. These will appear as the background of all pages.
  • Defining the appearance of the PDF file on opening:
    This enables you to specify the appearance the PDF document is to have when opened by the user, for instance with continuous double pages. You can also choose a starting page at which the document is to be opened.
  • Program execution options:
    Customize the CIB pdf brewer to your own preferences using the following options:
    • Actions following PDF conversion:
      Choose whether, following conversion, the PDF file is to be displayed for review.
    • Defaults for the destination filename:
      This allows you to specify the name and/or folder of the generated PDF files which will then be displayed automatically.
    • What happens if PDF files already exist and are about to be overwritten?:
      By default, the program prompts the user saying that the file already exists. However, you can also stipulate that the file be overwritten without prompting or that the CIB pdf brewer generate consecutively numbered files.