SFScon: Free Software Conference

CIB sponsor of SFScon

SFScon (the South Tyrol Free Software Conference) is one of the most important Free Software conferences in Europe, and CIB is proud to sponsor this edition. This annual conference is a full day established appointment for public administrations, citizens and private companies.

During the shared session in the morning the anouncement and celebration of the winner of the SFSAward will take place, a person who contributed to the introduction of the culture of Free Software in the province of Bolzano will be selected. The afternoon session is organized with four parallel tracks about “DevOps”, “AI & Analytics”, “Best Practices”, “Data Infrastructure & Workshop”. Additionally, on the very same day of conference the “Vertical Innovation Hackathon” will start: 24 hours full of activities for creative developers.

Our CIB office team, presented by Armin Le Grand and Marina Latini, will speak during the best practices session.

“Collective action – come and see how LibreOffice got improved with public money!” This talk by Armin Le Grand will walk you through a sample of features and improvements funded by various public sector agencies across Europe. It will provide you with practical examples of these hidden gems and really useful features only available thanks to the public money invested in the improvement of LibreOffice. (seminar room 3, 4.15 – 4.30 pm.)

“The Document Foundation – from the certification program to the Advisory Board ecosystem.” This talk by Marina Latini will show you why at TDF we created a certification program for growing an ecosystem of experts able to provide professional support. It will also provide information about the Advisory Board, the group that includes companies that are involved in daily life and improvement of the project. (seminar room 3, 4.30 – 4.45 pm.)

See you there!

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