Libocon Tirana 2018

CIB sponsors LIBOCON 2018 in Albania!

Next week, September 26, the LibreOffice Conference 2018 in Tirana, Albania will finally start! As like in the previous editions CIB is sponsoring the event and members of our CIB office team will attend the conference presenting news and updates.

The CIB Team will use this opportunity for meet-ups, networking and conference talks. If you are interested in getting in contact with us – we´ll be glad to meet you there! The whole week´s programme is filled with interesting topics that have been prepared in collaboration with or by our LO colleagues. Stay tuned!

Room 1, 14:30 ODF state of the union address. Updates from development and standardisation (by Thorsten Behrens)
Room 2, 15:30 Bringing digital signatures into your documents (by Samuel Mehrbrodt & Thorsten Behrens)
Main room, 16:00 Look! It’s LibreOffice on KDE Plasma! An adventurous journey to a better LibreOffice<->KDE5 integration (by Katarina & Thorsten Behrens)
Room 2, 9:30 Everyone different. All equal. (by Marina Latini & Jona Azizaj)
Room 1, 14:30 What was first, a big migration project or the local LibreOffice ecosystem? The Discussion of a chicken or egg dilemma and its overwhelming solution (by Lothar Becker, Marina Latini, Silva Arapi, Franklin Weng, Gustavo Buzzatti Pacheco)
Main room, 15:00 Life is too short for manual deployments (by Marina Latini)
Room 2, 16:30 OSBA Office interoperability meeting (by Lothar Becker, Thorsten Behrens)
Main room, 17:00 GSoC 2018 panel session (Moderator: Thorsten Behrens)
Main room, 10:30 Are we optimiert yet? (by Michael Stahl)
Main room, 15:00 Replacement of LibreOffice SVG filter in favour of SVGIO (by Armin Le Grand)
Main room, 15:30 Lightning talk session (by Thorsten Behrens)

For further details on the talks and presentations please download the PDF in doXisafe

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