The intelligent text recognition

With CIB deepER (deep learning extended recognition) you can easily digitize and search texts of scanned or photographed documents and receipts. 

Why CIB deepER

100% AI

With CIB deepER relies 100% on AI to achieve an outstanding result. Where other providers have to refine with dictionaries, algorithms and lexicons, our intelligent OCR masters high-quality text recognition right off the bat. Even with vertical, curved or rotated texts.

Steady improvement

CIB deepER learns continuously with each correction and thus achieves after each cycle even better recognition rates than before. Our goal: Secure and flawless text recognition for your documents without post-processing!


Our text recognition also recognizes multilingual or foreign language texts without any difficulties. Currently CIB deepER supports German, Spanish and English. Further languages and fonts can be easily trained.

Optimized for enterprise

CIB deepER was primarily trained with invoices and other document types from business processes, and achieves particularly excellent results for these.

Versatile format support

CIB deepER works with classic image formats such as PNG, JPEG and TIFF but PDF documents can also be passed to the text recognition system without pre-processing.


With the premium subscription you can integrate CIB deepER into your own products and platforms. This way, you can integrate one of the world's first artificial intelligence-based text recognizers into your applications.

Project deepER

benefits deepER

The deepER project was developed in cooperation with Fraunhofer IAIS and was funded by the KMU-Innovativ program of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).

Even After the end of the funding period, we continued to develop CIB deepER and are now able to offer you first-class AI-based text recognition.

CIB deepER versions

One of the world's first AI-based text recognition
Text recognition for numerous document formats
Text recognition for documents with up to 10 pages
Documents and texts cannot be viewed by third parties
Text recognition for documents with more than 10 pages
API access

Social Big Data: DSGVO-compliant and for a good cause


CIB crowdsource

By using our own crowdsourcing platform, everyone can contribute to making our AI projects even better!

We attach great importance to data protection: All data processed on the platform by the diligent members of our community are either irrevocably anonymized or were already free of real personal data and thus fully compliant with the German Data Protection Act.

For a good cause!

Of course, there is also a reward for the diligent assistance: For each task there are points that can be spent on upgrades of the account or donated to certified charitable organizations for good causes. From helping children and seniors to environmental protection and animal welfare, there’s something for everyone!

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