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Press Release: CIB office product range announced

Munich, June 12, 2019 – CIB, the innovation leader for output and document management, announces CIB office product range, which represents a complete desktop/cloud productivity solution for companies and organizations of all sizes willing to deploy LibreOffice.

CIB office product range is based on the following products:

  • CIB office for Business, providing online support from a professional team, incremental updates and backport of security fixes for 18 months. The product is a business optimized version of LibreOffice, focused on the basic deployments issues of small and medium size organizations.
  • CIB office LTS (Long Term Support), providing professional support from a team of developers, incremental updates and backport of security fixes for 36 months. The product is focused on the needs of large organizations deploying LibreOffice as the cornerstone of their desktop productivity, which has to be integrated with third party applications and personalized according to specific user or business requirements.
  • CIB office Online, providing a cloud based productivity solution for the private cloud of organizations, based on the same engine of the desktop application and using the same document format, for a superior interoperability experience.

CIB – with offices in Germany and Spain – is one of the largest contributors to LibreOffice development, with a global multilingual team with decades of hacking and consulting experience on the code base and the product.

CIB office product range is immediately available from CIB.

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