Product overview

CoMod (CIB office Module) is available for a large number of operating system platforms (e.g. Windows, OS/2, Sun Solaris, HP UX, Linux, FSC Reliant etc.). For optimum integration in your application environment, the modules can be addressed from a large number of programming languages (e.g. C++, Java, VB, .NET, SmallTalk etc.) and in various different variants (e.g. DLL, ActiveX, COM, library etc.). Needless to say, the CoMod is also enabled for use with application servers (for instance Tomcat, Bea Weblogic, IBM Websphere).
Benefit from the freedoms which result from using CoMod in your architecture.

You can get the short description of the desired CIB office module by clicking the relevant product symbol.

CoMod for document generation, previewing and editing

CIB merge and CIB chart generate all kinds of documents dynamically from document modules and data. CIB view and CIB Jview supply the document previewing for this purpose. CIB rec and CIB dialog enable formatted user entries. The combination of these components also enables data to be supplied partially and enables the easy implementation of dynamic residual data entry.


CoMod as an aid to application development

The following modules will assist you in integrating CoMod into your application: Define rules for your input forms using the CIB scripter, call the CoMod from the command line using the CIB runshell, create business charts with the CIB chart designer and straightforwardly include the CoMod in your Java application using the JCoMod wrapper.


CoMod for document output and conversion

CIB format prepares your document and passes it on to the output modules which then generate an output file / a data stream having the desired format or else send it to the desired output device. The output modules incorporate several solutions for the practical requirements of our customers, such as e.g. dynamic page scaling and unambiguous timestamps.

Availability status

On which operating system is the relevant module available?

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