CIB proActive: Focus on the energy transition at the European trade fair for batteries and energy

The trade fair for batteries and energy storage systems (EES) is Europe's largest platform, bringing together experts, manufacturers and innovators from all over the world. This event is a must for anyone who wants to find out about the latest developments and innovations in the energy storage industry. We were there!

We are Ökoprofit certified

CIB is proactively working to reduce operational emissions, conserve resources, increase our eco-efficiency, and raise awareness of the environment and sustainability within the company. The trade fair provided an excellent opportunity for exchange and networking. Our experts used the platform to share experiences, forge partnerships and look for environmentally friendly alternatives together.

Highlights energy transition and sustainability

This year's trade fair focused on the latest developments in the field of battery storage. These technologies are crucial for the future energy supply, as they enable the efficient storage and use of renewable energies.

A particular highlight was the presentation of hydrogen as a long-term storage medium. Hydrogen offers an excellent solution for storing surplus energy from renewable sources over longer periods. This technology could play a key role in the future energy infrastructure, especially with fuel cells that generate clean electricity.

Insights into off-grid systems

Inverter manufacturers and system providers were also represented at the trade fair. They presented their latest solutions for off-grid systems, which are particularly important in remote areas without a connection to the public grid. These systems enable an independent and reliable energy supply by integrating and efficiently storing various renewable energy sources such as solar and wind power.

Networking and knowledge exchange

Overall, the trade fair showed how dynamic and future-oriented the energy storage industry is. The innovations and solutions underline the important role of batteries and energy storage systems in the global energy transition. Naturally, we will be there with CIB proActive.

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