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Social Engagement

Together towards a better and sustainable future

We not only believe that digital innovations will lead us to a better future. We are also convinced that successful companies should assume social responsibility in this new world. That’s why we get involved with employee campaigns and financial support for numerous social institutions, animal and nature conservation projects. 

We are ECOPROFIT certified!

We work proactively to increase our eco-efficiency and raise awareness of the environment and sustainability in our operations by reducing our emissions and conserving resources. 

Help that gets there

CIB supports social projects and institutions in a wide variety of areas: From environmental protection to the local youth club – it is important to us that the help reaches where it is needed without detours!

Fun, games, willingness to donate

CIB also uses team-building and staff events on various occasions to support charities. For example, we celebrate our traditional charity quiz at Christmas and Easter, where the winners can donate the prize money to a charity of their choice.

Through the CIB crowdsource platform, crowdsourcers playfully exchange their points for coins and donate them to selected NPOs, including social institutions, environmental organisations and animal welfare associations.


The project Action “PC Donations” is not only social, but also ecological and sustainable.  In the past, for example, we have supported the joint initiative of the Viafrica Foundation, which refurbishes and remarkets old hardware. The proceeds flow directly into IT education projects in Kenya and Tanzania.


CIB did not just start focusing on electric mobility yesterday – for several years now, the vehicle fleet has been continuously converted to hybrid and electric cars. And those who use public transport get their travel costs reimbursed in full by CIB!

From Re-Cycling to Up-Cycling

Waste separation or, even better, waste avoidance, is a top priority at CIB. We deal with the issue of how and where waste is disposed of – after all, waste does not disappear when it is thrown into the container. The next big goal: from re-cycling to up-cycling!

134 Trees for Nicaragua

Events, quizzes and games for the planet

Animal welfare: our furry friends!

Donations for animal welfare

Employee engagement

Proactive, creative: our employees

Social and ecological commitment is also firmly anchored in the minds of all CIB employees. Time and again, we proactively develop unconventional and creative ideas to help people and protect the environment! 

CIB DOXIBAG: "No plastic SEA"

Made of 100 per cent organic cotton, of course: we give the CIB reusable bags designed by Tatjana with the clever slogan to customers and friends. 

Self-sewn protective masks

When the Corona crisis began, four female colleagues took the initiative and started sewing protective masks. The special thing about it: Without further ado, we converted our offices into a “mouthguard sewing room” and sewed during working hours.

Corona mask

We offer NPOs special conditions for a limited number of We offer NPOs special conditions for a limited number of licences.

We love NPOs

Is your organization non-profit?

This includes public institutions (for example, public offices, public schools – administration and student workplaces only), public schools, public museums and theaters, as well as state clinics, but also many different private associations that have no political affiliation. or religious or are “non-commercial” in nature (for example, foundations, citizen initiatives, non-profit organizations, self-help groups or associations that only act on a voluntary basis).

Your request

Send us documented proof of your nonprofit status (registration statement, eg, association registry, or proof of 501(c)3 status or regional equivalent).

Free order for people with severe disabilities

By presenting your severely disabled card, you will receive the CIB doXibox and the CIB doXicrate free of charge at your home. Once you have tested our scanner boxes, we will be happy to receive your experience report!


CIB RAccoon

At the beginning of the pandemic, CIB obtained a practical UV light device. With the help of a test lotion, dirt on the hands becomes “visible” – are the hands thoroughly clean? This can be checked thanks to the CIB Raccoons – toddlers learn how to wash their hands properly!

Our raccoon visits kindergardens, primary schools and other institutions free of charge and has become very popular among the little ones!

 Join in!

CIB Impulsa

Young talent sponsoring

With our support programme CIB Impulsa, we specifically promote innovative approaches from the fields of research and technology in school institutions. 

We also offer exciting opportunities for pupils and students in our company. From an internship to dual training or a scholarship, we promote talent! 

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