CIB Group - Computer Integrated Business. Wir zählen über 30 Jahre Erfahrung und Expertise in Digitalisierung, Automatisierung und Optimierung von Geschäftsprozessen mit Künstlicher Intelligenz. Firmenpräsentation

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CIB (Computer Integrated Business) was founded in Munich in 1989 to support business customers with digitalization solutions.

For our customers, we develop AI-supported digitization solutions for highly efficient and process-automated document management. A large number of customers and administrations already rely on our modular and integrable standard software solutions for automated omni-channel communication.

More than 2 million product licenses are in use by business customers, including financial institutions and insurance companies, public administrations and international industrial companies. Business customers such as Atruvia, LHM, Volksbank, Generali, BMW, Allianz, Unicredit and over 160,000 private customers rely on our software solutions.

Our companies for digitalization and consulting services are located in strategic locations in Germany, Austria, Spain and Portugal.

The spin-off allotropia GmbH and Silkcode GmbH round off our expertise.

34 years of experience

150 employees

+300 customers

CIB is committed to innovative ideas and allocates a large part of its investment to research and development projects:


More productive with automation

We improve business processes with integrated BPM solutions

We develop customized and innovative software

We train individual and customer-specific AI models

We create efficient systems for the automation of document processes

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