Easily digitalize and automatize enterprise-wide processes

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Digitalize and automatize with CIB flow:

With CIB flow you can automatize your work processes - without any programming knowledge.


Modeling workflows in BPMN 2.0

Form construction kit

Create dynamic forms


Networked with your REST APIs, e.g. agree21

Task list

Security in the handling of your processes

Rights management

Managing competencies

Start process

Happy Automation!

Recent case studies

Our users about CIB flow

Oberfinanzdirektion karlsruhe automatisiert

The Karlsruhe Regional Finance Directorate processes over 4,000,000 transactions per year with CIB flow.

CIB flow as the central connection of many other solutions

CIB flow supports the integration of all CIB software tools.

For example, incoming files can be sent automatically via CIB doXisafe using CIB fairBrief, our solution for postal mailing, or templates can be retrieved from CIB coSys and transferred to the archiving system as compliant PDF documents.

More efficient processes with automatization!