Bye bye Frutiger VR!
Hallo GenosGFG!
Bye bye Frutiger VR!
Hallo GenosGFG!

The BVR recommends a prompt conversion of all the bank's own templates to the new, barrier-free and universally usable

With our semi-automated service, banks will be able to undertake the task of font replacement on all templates efficiently, quickly and reliably.

We have already successfully replaced fonts in more than 20,000 templates!

Our service includes:

  • Conversion of RTF modules including all characters in the bank's own templates and packages
  • Conversion also with font size change (also half sizes)
  • Conversion of any fonts
  • Formatting consideration in template
  • Automatic controlled release of templates (no manual quality control)
  • Secure data transfer (export and import) via Atruvia AG
  • Conversion results report
  • Coordination of the changeover date

CIB font changeover service also solves special cases during the changeover!

The Frutiger VR and GenosGFG fonts are very similar at first glance. However, there are some symbols that are assigned differently in the character table.

The Frutiger VR "checkbox" symbol is displayed differently in the GenosGFG font. Form fields with checkboxes must therefore be checked and manually replaced with an alternative symbol.

The CIB font changeover service recognizes these and other special cases during the changeover and solves them.

We can substitute any source required and adapt to your individual needs.

What customers who have already used our service say

Download your guide

Atruvia AG recommends the support of the CIB template service (support offer, point 3.3) for the conversion of your bank's own templates in the "Guide to the conversion to GenosGFG".

You can find the guide in CIB doXisafe with the Memo-Code “Schriftartumstellung" or by selecting it download here.

Why CIB?

We are experts in word processing and programming

As the manufacturer of CIB workbench and CIB coSys, the carrier system for form management, we are very familiar with the RTF structure of banks' own templates and have been supporting Atruvia AG and numerous banks in the processing of templates for many years.

Do you already know our CIB User Group?

CIB has created a working group specifically to address the needs of all banks under ATRUVIA.

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We are at your disposal.

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We look forward to supporting you with the font changeover!