Intelligent AI data protection with anonymisation

CIB PoP (Protect our Privacy) detects personal data in documents and removes it completely. Our AI supports the recognition of data in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This means that documents can then be shared securely.

Protect our Privacy!

AI-supported software makes our lives easier!

We use intelligent algorithms in order to automatize repetitive tasks, freeing up time and resources. The synergy between AI and digitalisation enables a more efficient way of working, increases productivity and promotes innovation!

100% private

In compliance with DSGVO, 100% of the data is irretrievably removed from the document. The manual selection of each individual sensible information is no longer necessary thanks to the fully automated AI!

Suitable for AI training

Data can also be replaced by contextually similar data. In this way, the personal reference of the document is irretrievably destroyed, but the context is preserved. The document can now be used to train an AI.


The critical entities for your use case are not included? With crowdsourcing, our solution can be expanded quickly and easily. Contact us!

Optimized for enterprise

CIB PoP was primarily trained with invoices and other typical business documents and achieves particularly excellent results for these.

Versatile format support

PoP works primarily with searchable PDF files. But image formats or scanned documents can also be processed thanks to our text recognition CIB deepER .


You can integrate our anonymization solution into your system for the dark processing of your data protection-relevant processes (e.g. in applications)

Enterprise-ready AI

White Label

Integrate CIB AI into your software and offer your customers even more efficient solutions.


Scalable AI for large volumes of documents, even in Dark Processing.

GDPR-compliant AI

Self-learning artificial intelligence with data protection.


Specialized in business documents in German and European languages

Case studies

Data protection for all cases

Application documents


More and more companies are anonymising applications before they are processed by the HR department. Letters of application must first be checked manually and details such as appearance, gender, age or religion removed.


With CIB PoP, relevant data can be automatically found, checked and removed or replaced by other texts on receipt of the application documents. This reduces the human effort required to process applications and the employees can concentrate on the essentials again.

AI training


Due to the General Data Protection Regulation, many documents and data may not be used for artificial intelligence training because they contain personal data.


CIB PoP can not only automatically remove personal data from documents but also replace them with contextually similar texts. Thanks to additional AI-supported style transfer, even the appearance of the original can be retained. This way, we can remove the original personal reference entirely from the document and still use it as part of a data set for AI development, in a law-compliant and secure manner.

Information requirements


When concluding a tenancy agreement, the landlord requires a current salary statement. However, the statement contains personal data that is not needed for the purpose. Often, however, a simple edition of digital documents is not enough to remove the data thoroughly and third parties may still be able to access or recover the data.


With CIB PoP, affected data can be irrevocably removed from the document without leaving any residue. All locations of the data in the document are taken into account and completely removed, so that you can pass on the document with a clear conscience.

A cofunded project

The PoP project is being developed in cooperation with Fraunhofer IAIS and was funded by the KMU-Innovativ programme of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).

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