Accessibility on this website

We are committed to make the contents of our website as barrier-free as possible for you.

This voluntary declaration on accessibility applies to the website of the company CIB published at the address

As experts in barrier-free digitalisation, we strive to make our websites and mobile applications accessible specifically with reference to accessibility in accordance with the regulations of the German Barrier-Free Information Technology Regulation (BITV 2.0).

Status of compatibility with the requirements

The accessibility requirements result from § 3 paragraphs 1 to 4 of the BITV 2.0. in conjunction with the harmonising standard EN 301 549 on "Accessibility requirements for ICT products and services" (version 3.2.1 - as of 03/2021).

The verification of compliance with the requirements is based on - a self-assessment carried out on 15.10.2023.

Based on the review, the website is fully compliant with the aforementioned requirements.

Date of preparation or last update of the declaration This statement was prepared on 22/10/2023.

To report barriers, please contact us

Would you like to report existing barriers or request information on implementing accessibility? For your comments, as well as for any additional information, please contact our accessibility coordinators or use this form.

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