Support helps you with questions about the installation, integration and use of our digitisation solutions.

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About the CIB Support service:

You can contact our support team by making a personal request in the ticket system, by phone, by email, or by remote online assistance.

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Support Contract Users

If you have concluded a separate support contract with us as part of a licensing agreement with your company, the support service is already included for you.
You can contact us via a personal support request in the ticket system, via telephone, via e-mail or via remote maintenance online.

Users with severe disabilities

 If you have specifically signed a separate support contract within the scope of the main license agreement, the support service is included.

Other users - fees

Licenses without a support contract and free version users will be charged a 40 EUR fee (plus VAT) for every 15 minutes of support service. The support unit charge is every 15 minutes.*

**Please note:

Licenses without a support contract and free version users will be charged for support services. We charge the same rate for all requests regardless of the form of contact. For convenience, a contract is formed by implied action.

Telephone answers and appointments for remote maintenance are available during our support hours. Written answers to questions in the ticket system or e-mails can also be obtained outside of support hours.


Our support team is at your side:

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