CIB offers a fork of the Camunda 7 BPM engine with CIB seven 

We are pleased to announce the further development and support of the BPM engine Camunda 7 under the name CIB seven. With the integration of Camunda 7 as an independent component in the process management platform CIB flow CIB offers a reliable and long-term stable alternative to the standard established on the market.

Context: Camunda 8 is coming - and no longer supports non-pay versions

Today, the BPM engine Camunda is successfully used to make company processes more efficient and transparent. Up to now, it has offered an efficient solution for process automation - even in the free community version. Camunda 8 comes to the market with numerous improvements in terms of performance, scalability and flexibility in modern cloud-native environments.

However, switching from Camunda 7 to Camunda 8 is a complex undertaking that requires careful planning and implementation. In addition, Camunda no longer offers a community version and free support for Camunda 7 (CE) will be discontinued in October 2025. Existing users will have to check whether the advantages of the new architecture and functionality of Camunda 8 justify the (cost) effort.

Support for Camunda 7 will be discontinued in stages:

  • october 2025: last support update, maintenance is discontinued
  • until April 2027: Support for the Enterprise Edition
  • until April 2030: Security updates for the Enterprise Edition
  • from April 2030: EOL (End of Life) has been announced for Camunda 7

The alternative: CIB flow and CIB seven

CIB will continue to offer support and maintenance for the Community Edition of Camunda 7 as an open source fork after April 2027. Based on CIB flow and the associated possibility of process digitisation, existing users can stay with Camunda 7 and save on expensive migration costs.

CIB flow can continue to be used with the Camunda 7 and Camunda 8 Enterprise versions and is compatible with both versions. Further development and support by CIB ensure that companies that have invested in the community version of Camunda will continue to benefit from continuous improvements, security updates and new functionalities. This protects companies' investments in the long term.

Modules available with CIB flow and CIB seven:

  • Professional interfaces for interaction (task list) and management of ongoing processes in the system, which extend the standard functional scope of the community version of Camunda.
  • Integrated web modeler for creating process diagrams and decision rules.
  • CIB easyForm - A low-code form editor for creating web-based input masks in processes.
  • Low-code solution module library - Reusable templates that can be used directly in process modeling. The building blocks focus on document-centric workflows that are enriched by AI-based building blocks such as classification, text recognition and entity recognition.
  • Process packages - Common processes such as requesting absences, incoming mail processing and signature workflows with Qualified Electronic Signature (QES), which can be used as the basis for your own customizations. More specific process portfolios, e.g. from the banking environment, are also available.

Stability and investment protection with CIB seven

With CIB seven we underline our commitment to our customers, not only to provide first-class BPM management solutions, but also to ensure long-term stability and protection of their investments.

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