CIB Workation: combining work with leisure travel

In today's working world, flexibility is paramount. An innovative concept that combines these needs is “workation” - a mixture of work and vacation.  Our company has introduced this concept as part of the incentive program to promote the satisfaction and motivation of our employees.  

Elena's workation in Munich

An example is our employee Elena from the CIB site in Las Palmas, who is taking advantage of the Workation offer and spending four summer weeks at the CIB site in Munich.

The Bavarian capital not only offers her a completely new working environment but also the opportunity to explore the city's cultural heritage.

During the day, Elena works in the modern office at our Munich site, and after work she takes the opportunity to visit sights such as Marienplatz, the English Garden or the city's museums - or to go bowling with the team in Munich! 

Elena's feedback is positive. She appreciates the opportunity to combine work and travel and the personal exchange with the german colleagues:      

Getting to work in our Munich office was a great chance to meet new colleagues, share cool ideas, and learn new things. Plus, being able to spend time with my family was amazing. I am grateful to CIB for providing opportunities that support both our professional development and personal well-being."

CIB Workation

This is a valuable incentive that fosters team dialogue and employee satisfaction:

  1. Employee satisfaction: The possibility of traveling to one of the seven CIB locations upon request increases the attractiveness of the job.
  2. Good for productivity and creativity: a change of scenery and a new environment offer fresh inspiration and help to recharge your batteries.
  3. Team building: A workation enables employees to get to know colleagues from other locations in person. This promotes the exchange of ideas and collaboration.

 We will continue to promote this incentive among our employees and look forward to sharing new enriching experiences with them.

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