Yes, we got #FreeFridays and the CIB #4DayWeek!

Hours off with CIB #4DayWeek

since September 2021 - last update 19.05.2023

Hours off with CIB #LoyaltyWorks

since June 2021 - last update 19.05.2023

efficiency work

Work-life blending and our #4DayWeek formula

Nowadays, in everyday life, we jump between what we call work or profession and what we commonly classify as leisure or “private”. This is made possible by the networking of hardware, people and applications – and, not least, by the ubiquitous internet.

New challenges, new answers

Since September 2021, more than 150 full-time employees of the CIB Group have been working four days a week, from Monday to Thursday, with the same salary and holiday entitlement. With this innovative work concept, we are taking a significant further step towards #NewWork.

Friday is free: Enjoy the long weekend, work happier!

Formula: From 5 to 4 days, from 40 to 36 hours weekly

Conditions: Same salary and working conditions with remote work

How to: Optimize work processes with task automatization

Quality and motivation in order to work better, but not more!

Be there for your clients: we ensured customer service also on Fridays

CIB #4DayWeek with #LoyaltyWorks: Long-term loyalty gets rewarded!

If you have been employed full-time at CIB Group for more than 10 years, your 4 day week with Friday off will be reduced to 34 hours with the same salary and holiday entitlement.
After 15 years, your working hours will be reduced to 32 hours.

36-hour week after 2 years

34-hour week after 10 years

32-hour week after 15 years

4dayweek research-06

Scientific monitoring & evaluation

Our 4-Day-Week Model is being scientifically monitored and evaluated during the next 24 months in cooperation with the Munich University of Applied Science (with Prof. Dr Simone Kaminski) and with the supervision of the Ludwig-Maximilians-University in Munich.

Research mission:

“Our findings are intended to provide added value for CIB to best leverage the potential of #4dayweek and further advance research in the area of New Work.”

Carolin Adam

Research assistant, Munich University of Applied Science

Susanne Hembd-Peuse

Research assistant, Munich University of Applied Science

What do our teams say?

#4DayWeek in our Blog

4dayweek - El confidencial

CIB with 4-day week on front page in Spain

The newspaper "El Confidencial" echoed our #4dayweek, writing an article about it in which they interviewed our colleague Cristina Silvera.

4 Day Week - Blog post

#4DayWeek: CIB Group introduces 4-day week

From September 2021, CIB Group employees will only work four days a week, and at the same salary, taking on a pioneering role in this field.

CIB #4DayWeek in the media

Videos & Interviews

Source: RTVE Canarias | 09-03-2023
Source: Canarias a la una | 04-03-2023
Source: RTVC | 06-02-2023
Source: Canarias Radio | 17-11-2022
Source: Cope Canarias | 11-02-2022
Source: RTVE Canarias | 22-02-2022

Newspapers and Magazines

The whole world is talking about it!

John Lennon
John Lennon@john-lennon1
A lot of people have asked why I decided to move THRYVE to a 4-day week.

Is it a gimmick? Is it because I want to be the best, nicest boss ever? Are we not serious about business? What about Fridays? What about losing a whole day?

I didn’t do this out of the goodness of my heart, but because I wanted to be more successful. For the entire team to be more successful.

So, no - it’s not a gimmick. It’s a purely business-led decision. Allow me to explain.

We did this for 2 reasons: - Employee Well-being - To increase our productivity and therefore our results.
Abigail Barnes
Abigail Barnes@abigailrbarnes
I 💜 LOVE the idea of 4-day work weeks for a number of reasons, in the spirit of alliteration I'll share 4...

✅ 1. Subject matter experts are efficient
✅ 2. Motivating deadlines improve productivity
✅ 3. A workforce that feels trusted is more loyal
✅ 4. A happy workforce delivers better customer service

🧪These may seem like sweeping statements but I have scientific research and examples for each of them.
Kris’ Rides (he/him/his)
Kris’ Rides (he/him/his)@krisrides
If you worked a 4 day working week, which day would you take off?

I was having a conversation with a candidate about this yesterday as their company was looking to implement a 4 day week.

It seems some companies enforce a Mon-Thur others give a bit more flexibility to their staff to choose, some even will let you include weekend work if that's your thing.

Personally I think single me would enjoy a 3 day weekend whereas parent me nowadays might quite like a break in the middle of the week.
Four Day Week Ireland
Four Day Week Ireland@4DayWeekIreland
Today the @4DayWeekIreland campaign met with @joefingalgreen Minister of State at the Department of Rural & Community Development to speak with him about implementation of #4DayWeek in the voluntary & community sector
Elissa Riddell
Elissa Riddell@elissariddell
What would you do with an extra day back in your week?

Coconut Software has been experimenting with a 4 day work week (I prefer to refer to it as a 3 day weekend) and I can't convey how incredible it is to have a day back in my life... for my life.

I usually spend my Friday's running errands (Costco is SO much nicer on a Friday than a Saturday!), doing chores and getting ready for the weekend. That way, we can actually have fun instead of attempting to scrub baseboards and meal prep while chasing after Gus and keeping Lorna happy. The picture is from a Friday morning - we hired a local photographer to capture our family. I think she did a great job, particularly managing to get Gus' personality!
Leah Smith
Leah Smith@leahgahrsmith
We recently began piloting a 4 day work week and, while still in its early days, it’s already highlighted a few things that I wish I had the chance to learn earlier in my career…

1. I’ve always owned my very strong tendency to procrastinate. In fact, it’s become a tool for me as I know I’m more creative when pressed up against a deadline. During this experiment, I’ve realized the positive side of that is that I’m a sprinter at work, which is a great fit for a 4 day work week. After all, with 5 (or 6) days worth of work to get done in 4, there’s no real procrastination, just one thing to the next to the next to the next…an excellent fit for my style...
James Gayle
James Gayle@james-gayle-the-social-shogun
4 day work weeks and true staff flexibility have been a game-changer.

I started with the mentality of if I was to come up with my dream brand what perks would it have.

- 4 Day work weeks
- Real flexibility that's guilt-free and catch-free
- Being able to comfortably express what your true goals and passions are without having to lie and say you want to work at the company until the day you die!
- Mental health check in's weekly
- External coaching to help you achieve your true potential
Tony Carnesi
Tony Carnesi@tonycarnesi1
Check this out...Banks Benitez, co-founder and CEO at Uncharted says this about implementing the #4dayworkweek, "There are so many parts of the workweek that are JUST A WASTE OF TIME" How much time is wasted in your organization? Take our assessment here and we can help you SAVE TIME

#4dayworkweek #4dayweek #thefutureofwork
We are now deep into our #4dayweek journey. A journey that's come with challenges, but also great reward.

We are keenly watching the Trades Union Congress's (TUC) new campaign championing a 3-day weekend - with no loss of pay for workers. Bravo.

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New Work: CIB Group introduces the 4-day work week with free fridays!