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PDF compression with CIB fluXcomprimator - all the benefits


Free Space

Reduzieren Sie Ihre Dokumente und entlasten Sie Archive nachhaltig


Text Recognition

Compress documents directly in the browser – no need to transfer them to the cloud!


100% Privacy

Compress documents directly in the browser – no need to transfer them to the cloud!

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Integration, Automation

Companies can save considerable costs thanks to integrated PDF compression. We’ll be happy to advise you!

CIB PDF High Compression is already in use by over 200,000 users!

In practice: everyday work becomes easier with PDF high compression

Use case Außendienst

Smooth transfer of business relevant documents


Mr. Kühnel works for a large insurance company. The Money Laundering Act requires insurers to verify the identity of their customers and business partners and to keep relevant operational records.

Therefore, Mr. Kühnel and another 200,000 employees regularly scan personal data and documents in the company’s internal scanner app, which are archived as PDFs. Due to the large number of digitized files, the infrastructure of servers and archives is heavily loaded and long waiting times occur during transfer.


A week ago, Mr. Kühnel’s employer integrated CIB fluXcomprimator into its scanner app. Since then, the transfers no longer fail.

Thanks to the automatic high compression, the transmitted PDF files are now so small that uploading to the internal systems goes smoothly, despite the large number of documents. Since then, the transfer of the documents runs smoothly and the servers are relieved.

Saving money on archiving bank documents


Ms. Petrenko works at a bank and is responsible for archiving receipts.

Her employer’s archive is almost full and she is concerned that she will have to purchase expensive additional storage space.


Ms. Petrenko has now integrated CIB fluXcomprimator into the bank’s internal systems. The PDF files she receives are a fraction of the size they used to be, and the size of the archive has been reduced to a third – saving her employer about 20,000 euros a year.

At the same time, automatic AI-based quality control ensures that all text content is always optimized for the best possible readability, even with high compression. Mrs. Petrenko is very satisfied!

usecase bank
Usecase Bewerbungen

Sending extensive application documents despite upload limit


Mr. Bayer wants to score with an elaborately designed application folder in PDF format. It contains a total of 30 graphics and scanned work references in high quality.

As a result, the PDF file is almost twenty megabytes in size – the input mask on the website of the company to which he wants to apply does not accept such large files.


With the help of CIB high compression in CIB doXisafe, he easily manages to reduce the size of the file to eight megabytes without any noticeable loss of quality. Really handy!

Small PDFs

Offloaded archives

Top Results

Save archive costs - even in the future!nft!

According to Handelsblatt global data volumes could reach over 175 zettabytes by 2025 – that’s 175 trillion gigabytes!

Accordingly, the cost of digital archiving will also rise. Our PDF high compression can reduce the file size of documents to a minimum.


The CIB fluXcomprimator was successfully tested on 397 scanned bank records in PDF format and with a resolution of 300 dpi: Our PDF high compression reduced a data volume of 493 megabytes to a total of 105 megabytes. This corresponds to a saving of 78.70% storage space.

The result may vary depending on the type of document – but one thing is certain: with PDF high compression you always save!

CIB Solutions with Free PDF Compression

CIB doXisafe


Compress in the Cloud

The web-based cloud solution that lets you compress and share your files easily. Guaranteed DSGVO compliant and server location Germany!


Compress with Installation

Our complete PDF solution for download. Compress your files directly when saving from your programs. Free of charge and free of advertising.

PDF online

 100 % SAFE   

Compress in Browser

The browser-based PDF toolkit from CIB. Compress your files directly in the browser – without uploading to the Internet! Your data thus remains protected.

For Business: Integration, automation and quality assurance

Save storage space and ensure consistently high quality of your archive documents with our PDF high compression!

Individuell Anpassbar


Individual and flexible

With over 40 adjustment screws, you as an administrator can set and automate the compression perfectly for the documents that occur in your company

Einfache Verwendung


Easy to use

The ideal compression for every document: your employees choose the appropriate profile and create perfectly compressed PDFs for archiving or further processing.



Quality Control

In automated processing, AI-based text recognition provides intelligent readability control. This minimizes the need for manual sampling.

Frequently asked questions

Drag your document into the box at the top of the page. Select one of the compression levels and click “Compress”. To get the best result, we recommend that you try each of the five levels. Once the process is complete, click “Save” to save the compressed version to your device.

Yes, you can also compress graphics, scans and photos. These will then be automatically converted into a compressed PDF document.

The fluXcomprimator allows the greatest reduction in file size for documents with many scanned pages in JPG format or PNG format.

This is due to technical reasons. The online version of fluXcomprimator uses the innovative WebAssembly technology. This provides more data security, but costs speed. As a module or as part of our solutions to be installed on your PC, fluXcomprimator compresses much faster.

The selected PDF is already optimally compressed. You will achieve a particularly good compression result with scanned documents or files with numerous graphics. 

The CIB fluXcomprimator uses MRC (Mixed Raster Content) technology for compression to compress text and image content for optimal display with optimal size savings.

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