Reading comfortably with AI on small screens for your scans and documents

Reading comfort in just a few steps

Scan anzeigen

Activate CIB easyRead

Read and Extract

With CIB easyRead, you can now read document fotos effortlessly, even on small screens. Your original file is not modify in the process. Try it out:

You can test CIB doXisafe in your browser in CIB doXisafe even without logging in: simply upload a scan or PDF and click on the icon!

On your smartphone, install our app CIB doXicloud.

Reading experience with many advantages

For scans and PDF documents

Easy to switch on and off

The original file remains the same

Handwriting recognition (beta)

icon language

English, German, Spanish


AI-powered software makes life easier!

Die neuesten Funktionen ermöglichen ein komfortables Leseerlebnis dank innovativster Technologie und dem Einsatz von KI für die intelligente Texterkennung.

CIB easyRead main features

Functionalities CIB easyRead



JPG, PNG, and all image formats
Detect the font type and the font and background colour for images and scans.
English, Spanish, German, Portuguese
For all popular web browsers
Limitation in the number of files
No restriction
Scanned documents


Secure data servers
The data is deleted from the server once finished.
Files remain private

Dark mode

coming soon
Complex layout (for tickets, statements, invoices, receipts)
PDF converted from presentations with MS PowerPoint, Apple Keynote, etc.

Frequently asked questions

Ihre Privatsphäre ist uns wichtig! Ihre Dateien bleiben privat, es sei denn, Sie selbst teilen sie mit anderen. CIB Produkte sind DSGVO-konform. 

CIB easyRead ändert keine Inhalte oder Dateiformate. Tippen Sie einfach erneut auf das Symbol, um zur ursprünglichen Ansicht zurückzukehren.  

Install CIB doXicloud on your Smartphone and test CIB easyRead

Or try it in the browser at