The app in your pocket for high quality scans!


Using CIB doXiscan in easy steps




Choose your settings and automate the perfect scanning process: Configure CIB doXiscan once to produce high-quality scans in a short time.

CIB doXiscan, your application for high quality scans!

With CIB doXiscan you can scan documents, convert them into high-quality PDFs, generate the content as searchable text and share it – all in one application.

With many practical filters for easy editing:

The app offers a variety of editing tools and specialised filters to improve the quality of your scans.

Compress your PDF with the help of artificial intelligence:

Thanks to our powerful compression, supported by algorithmic processes, we achieve maximum compression without any loss of quality in the content.

With long-term archiving:
In order to have unlimited access to your files use the PDF/A format for conversion.

Configure the settings to your needs:
Customise the settings and generate PDFs with uniform parameters in just a few clicks.

Link CIB doXiscan to our safe CIB doXicloud:

Store your scanned documents in CIB doXicloud and share them securely!

Install CIB doXicloud to upload your documents with no space and time limits!

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Upload, share, manage and enjoy life in the multi-cloud documents for free and without store limits!

The all-in-one multicloud app! Transfer, upload and share documents securely.

Install CIB doXiscan for free!