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Key data

Describe your case study and benefit from efficient work processes through digitalization and automation.

When your inbox almost sorts itself.

In every company, documents land in the inbox every day that need to be viewed, classified and forwarded. This takes a lot of time. What's more, the processors make mistakes. With the help of artificial intelligence, these processes can be shortened, improved and therefore made more cost-effective. The tools from CIB help with this.

Automation in the incoming mail process

Our use case describes the use of AI for the automated processing of documents (CIB recogNice und CIB sherlock), that arrive by post or email. Examples include invoices, letters, inquiries, contracts, BWA, annual financial statements, and quotations.

If the documents are in paper form, they are scanned and automatic text recognition (CIB deepER) is performed to make the documents searchable.

Process visualization with the CIB solution kit

Man or machine?

CIB AI models are trained and used by the customer to sort the documents and recognize relevant entities.

Decisions on whether a process can be completed in dark processing (i.e. without human intervention) can be made by the AI. If necessary, a human is called in to check the recognized data.

One application for all sizes

The use case described here is a small incoming mail process with around 9,000 incoming documents per year: The AI training is automatic in the process and thus also enables smaller companies or departments to use AI!

The result: time savings, more efficient work

Automated processing resulted in significant time savings for our company of 36 days saved in one year and a lower error rate compared to manual processing.

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