Commitment for the youngest ones:

Teaching children while playing - with the CIB Raccoon!

We lend our Dermalux Checkbox including accessories to kindergartens and primary schools throughout Munich. In this way, CIB wants to help children learn important hygiene measures.


Children learn to wash their hands in a fun way


Smear the door handle with test lotion - and feel free to touch it!

The lotion simulates the pathogens - now the children should open the door as usual.


Ask the raccoon, "Well? And how does it look?"

The raccoon shows: Under the fluorescent light, the dirty spots light up!


Fortunately, no serious case! Now wash your hands!

The third step is to wash the hands thoroughly and for about 20 seconds.


Washed thoroughly? Let's consult the bear again!

No more pathogens to be seen! Well done, our raccoon is happy - stay healthy!

Want to borrow our CIB raccoon?