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GDPR-compliant data migration and fully automated document creation in Dark Processing

Beihilfe-Service GmbH enables employers to check and pay out their benefit obligations. Managing Director Christopher Sukarie was looking for an efficient software solution to create statements automatically and audit-proof by using verification components directly in Dark Processing. To this end, the print component of the existing document creation system was to be replaced and all existing data securely migrated to the new system.

As the processing and migration involved strictly confidential documents and invoices in the context of private health insurance, it was also necessary to handle the data in compliance with data protection regulations.

Data protection with pseudonymization with CIB AI

In einem ersten Schritt wurden tausende streng vertrauliche Dokumenten pseudonymisiert. Hier kam unsere auf den Datenschutz spezialisierte künstliche Intelligenz CIB PoP zum Einsatz. Durch die KI-gestützte Pseudonymisierung der Daten wurde eine DSGVO-konforme Verarbeitung der Daten erreicht.

Legally compliant data migration from the legacy system to CIB coSys

To ensure a smooth and GDPR-compliant migration from M/TEXT to the new, more efficient our CCM system, thousands of documents from the old system with anonymized data were compared with reference documents generated through CIB coSys using AI as part of the quality assurance process.

Goal achieved

Since September 2022, the Beihilfe Service Gesellschaft has been creating statements fully automatically and directly in dark processing.

We would like to thank Managing Director Sukarie for the trust he has placed in us.

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