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Digitalization of analog processes with CIB flow

Today, not only citizens expect intuitive and convenient processes. These points are also an important prerequisite for employee acceptance when existing processes are replaced and digitalized. With CIB flow as a low-code digitalization platform, administrations take the next step towards digital transformation. The application scenario is not limited. All internal and external processes can be mapped efficiently.  

The low-code platform that offers a lot and networks everything   

CIB flow is more than just a digital workflow management system. A powerful modular system supplements the solution with prefabricated process modules that can be used in a targeted manner as part of process modelling. These intelligent modules include AI-based document classification, the use of individual data entry masks and a document display including electronic signature. Public institutions thereby design their processes in the low-code platform on the basis of BPMN 2.0. For complete integration into the system landscape, existing systems can be integrated as new process modules in a time-saving and simple manner.  

Smooth transition from analog to digital processes!   

The replacement of analog processes is the basis of digital transformation. Within the scope of a user project, a first analog process was implemented with CIB flow. After the integration and implementation phase, more than 150,000 formerly analog processes could already be handled digitally in pilot operation. Today, the use of the new process leads to a significant reduction in the workload of employees, shortened throughput times and an increase in productivity.  

As part of the approval process, documents used to be reviewed by one or more approvers in a circulation process. If changes were requested, the document went back to the creator and the process began again. With the changeover, documents are now routed through a digital approval process. This eliminates unnecessary idle time and effort to circulate. The previous local printing process has also been optimized by connecting it to a central printing line.   


CIB flow guarantees optimal user-friendliness through an intuitive web interface with a powerful process module box and enables the integration of existing systems into the platform. The creation and maintenance of processes by business users is ensured by low-code. In everyday work, process automation ensures clear execution of defined process steps at every level and guarantees consistently qualitative results. 

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Frank Seboldt

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