CIB presents innovative accessibility solutions at the ARGE Software of Austrian Universities in Vienna

The University of Vienna has invited us to present our accessibility solutions on Friday, 21 April at the Software Spring Meeting 2023 of the Working Group on the campus of the Institute of Science and Technology Austria (ISTA).
Inclusion and access to information are important aspects of a modern and equitable society. Unfortunately, there are still many barriers that prevent people with disabilities from exercising this right.
To address this problem, the Barrier-Free Strengthening Act was published on 22 July 2021. The Act serves to implement Directive (EU) 2019/882 of the European Parliament. This law requires that products and services placed on the market or provided after 28 June 2025 must be accessible.

CIB pdf brewer is used for the native conversion of existing text files into accessible PDF/UA formats. With this solution, documents can be made more accessible to all users, including people with disabilities who rely on alternative reading methods such as screen readers and Braille displays.

Only recently, the German Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL) reconfirmed the high quality and user-friendliness of the CIB pdf brewer as part of a call for tenders. Federal authorities must ensure that their documents are barrier-free so that all citizens have access to the information they need.

With CIB ridmi, CIB Group aims to overcome existing barriers and further expand the accessibility of texts.

CIB ridmi will enable barrier-free reading of scanned or photographed files. In combination with the scanning app CIB doXisafe and the AI OCR software solution CIB deepER, texts are extracted from images and prepared in an accessible way.

In this way, even complex documents are to lose their terror, for example, by CIB ridmi resolving texts column by column and recognising fonts, bold print, footnotes and cross-references.

CIB ridmi is an artificial intelligence-based solution that is funded as a research project by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.
But there are also other solutions that can help improve the accessibility of documents. The CIB doXibox and CIB doXicrate are foldable boxes that can be used to scan documents in high quality. With the help of an attached smartphone (iOS or Android), texts can be extracted in batches and converted into an accessible format.

After calibrating the smartphone using the CIB doXisafe with the CIB doXibox, the paper size or font size of the texts can be accurately recorded.

You will receive the doXibox/doXicrate for free upon presentation of a severely disabled person’s ID. 

Our claim is that our solutions do not only fulfil standards and pass test programmes for certificates. We pursue a holistic approach. We continuously develop and improve this approach in close dialogue with our stakeholders.

CIB pdf brewer is free for the private use. Test yourself the performance of our accessible PDF/UA documents:
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