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Interview with Benny H.

Hello Benny!

What did you study and how did you end up dropping out?

I studied business mathematics/actuarial sciences. In the end, the economic part didn’t interest me as much. Unfortunately, mathematics was also very theoretical and it was difficult to stay on the ball. That’s how I ended up dropping out. The subsidiary subjects of computer science and programming awakened a new interest in me.

How did you come to CIB?

I applied to a few companies at short notice for an apprenticeship starting in September after researching on the internet at the end of June. CIB was one of two companies that invited me for an interview in the first place. Despite the small selection, I was very enthusiastic about CIB. I have had the opportunity to get involved in different teams and areas right from the start.

Where are you now?

I am in the “deepER team”. This is a research project that combines OCR with AI. The area includes general AI development with Python and AI research. I have also recently rejoined the “doXiview team”: deepER as the new standard OCR for CIB – crowdsourcing.

What do you like most about CIB?

I particularly appreciate the opportunity to develop and realise myself in any area, to attend events such as trade fairs and the very pleasant atmosphere with the super nice colleagues in the office. I also really like the good “cross-team” communication and the many leisure activities we do together, such as our end-of-year event CIBmas, the CIB Wiesn or other evening events.

What tips do you have for dropouts?

Apply for follow-up studies or training in good time, even if you’re only doubtful. An interview can be cancelled again.

Thank you for sharing your experience with us!

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