It is also possible in the professional world without a Master’s degree.

Interview with Thomas B.

Hello Thomas!

What did you study and how did you end up dropping out?

I first studied computer science at the TU Munich and then game engineering after two semesters. I dropped out because I’m a practice-oriented person who needs a connection to the application in order to be motivated for something. Unfortunately, this was not the case despite the promising-sounding study description. There was a lot of grey theory without any practical relevance, which is why I ultimately decided to drop out of the programme.

How did you come to CIB?

Through a job advertisement on for an apprenticeship as an IT specialist for application development.

How did you get started?

Since I had my A-levels and had already started my studies, I was able to start directly in the second year of my apprenticeship as a trainee. I started at CIB in the C++ development department with a smaller introductory project to introduce me directly to the products and then I implemented the first bug fixes and features.

Where are you now?

Zeitweise in der C++ Entwicklung, zeitweise in Forschungsprojekten zum Thema Deep Learning und KI. Dementsprechend wechselt mein Schwerpunkt derzeit hin und wieder zwischen Produkterweiterung und Forschung. Beides sind sehr interessante und spannende Themengebiete.

What do you like most about CIB?

The progressiveness and the will to keep up with new technologies and to invest in them as an early adopter. Also, the opportunities that are often offered to acquire knowledge in these new technologies through conference visits, training and more.

What tips do you have for dropouts?

The best tip I can give in general is actually: It’s also possible in the professional world without a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree. An apprenticeship sometimes does the same or even gives you a better picture of the professional field than studying at university. Therefore, you shouldn’t be afraid to take this step if you realise that you don’t really like the classic “studying”. Professional experience is also worth something – and not too little!

Thank you for sharing your experience with us!

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