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CIB crowdsource: AI training for a good cause

For all CIB employees, training on CIB crowdsource is getting even more exciting. Since last Wednesday, they can support a good cause through the freshly launched shop. How exactly this works is revealed below.

Crowdsourcing stands for the voluntary cooperation of users (the crowd) in certain digital projects and tasks. CIB crowdsource is also based on this community principle. Our platform supports the research projects PoP (Protect our Privacy) and HILANO. By regularly solving tasks, artificial intelligence (AI) is trained in a targeted manner.

Solve tasks and collect coins

Various tasks have to be solved on the CIB crowdsource platform. For example, entities required in the digital document, such as names, addresses or telephone numbers, are to be selected. Once the task has been successfully completed, the hard work is rewarded handsomely. For each completed task, you not only receive points, but also coins.

Donate for a good cause

In the shop there are several ways to use the coins. For example, you can support a charitable organization. Whether it’s protecting wolves, planting trees or helping people in need – these are just a few projects that would appreciate a donation. The six organizations are involved in animal and nature conservation or social initiatives. In their selection, it was particularly important that the organizations are recognised as non-profit organizations. In addition, most of the projects have been awarded the donation seal of the German Central Institute for Social Issues (DZI) or the Wirkt seal of PHINEO. These confirm the responsible handling of donations and an effective commitment.

New avatars and power-ups

Of course, you can also do other things with the coins. For example, avatars can be unlocked. Users can, for example, take on the appearance of a pirate or vampire and impress fellow campaigners with it. In addition, people who like to compete with others and climb in the rankings can try out various potions (the power-ups). For example, through the simple power-up essence, one gets a gift of 10 points for each task completed for one day.

With this project, CIB employees can now make an important contribution to research and support a good cause.

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