CIB Workshop: Automatization of business processes with CIB flow

Last week, a workshop was held at our site in Las Palmas to further develop and improve our digitalization solutions. 16 employees from our international locations traveled to the attractive capital of the island of Gran Canaria to take part. They were joined by two BPM consultants from our partner Miragon, who expanded the content of our e-learning platform on the topic of process modeling.
The workshop focused on the further development of our BPMN 2.0 process management platform CIB flow.

The event offered our developers and the UX-UI team a space to develop creative ideas and find inspiring ways to improve our tool.

Main topics:

  • A presentation of CIB flow in combination with the new Camunda 8 BPM engine
  • Achieving production readiness for our web-based process modeler
  • Useful extensions to our low-code form editor CIB easyForm, such as the automatic language translation of forms
  • The integration of AI-supported functions such as classification as a low-code approach

... and many more!

Opening and welcome

The workshop began with an overview of the core functionalities of CIB flow, which have been developed over the last seven years and already contribute to the handling of over 5 million business processes per year at banks and public authorities.

Hands On

The workshop participants used the hands-on time to concentrate on their topics and actively exchange ideas via short communication channels. By exchanging ideas and working together in teams, we were able to find innovative approaches to increase the efficiency of our solution.

The intensive team work deepened the overarching understanding of current CIB flow topics among all participants.


As is usual at all CIB events, there was plenty of socializing in addition to the professional exchange. Dinner together and a farewell lunch rounded off the event.

In addition to the opportunity to exchange ideas over culinary highlights, the team was also active in sports. They went bowling and tried out padel tennis together.

And of course, as part of a workation, they met up together on the beautiful Las Canteras beach, went hiking together and visited the island's botanical gardens.

Headquarters Perojo 29

We took the opportunity to visit our office and meeting center in the beautiful old town of Las Palmas and to inspect the progress of the conversion and renovation work on our roof terrace.

A meeting place for our employees with a southern flair will soon be created here - for even more work-life blending and even more inspired work and experiences!

A successfull workshop

The CIB flow workshop in Las Palmas was a great success and the knowledge gained will help us to make our BPMN tool CIB flow even more efficient for our customers.

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