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Create accesible PDF/UA Documents with CIB pdf brewer in your MS Word

Creating accessible PDFs has never been easier! With CIB pdf brewer you don’t need to be an expert to create PDF/UA compliant documents in your standard MS Word-Application.

Once installed on your system, the brewer automatically connects to Word and offers you the option to save your document in the accessibility format par excellence: PDF/UA (Universal Accessibility).

With the help of the PDF/UA wizard, you can quickly and easily create accessible PDFs right from Word!


Historically, the format has been aimed at preserving the print-like visual view than at the meaning and structure of the underlying content. This creates barriers for readers who rely on the digital accessibility of the content. To make the PDF format accessible, the ISO standard PDF/UA (UA stands for Universal Accessibility) was created. This PDF format is based on the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). This format specifies how, in addition to the visual representation, all information is stored in the PDF to enable barrier-free access.

For example, sighted people distinguish headings and chapters visually. Blind people, on the other hand, can use a screen reader to orient themselves in a document as to where a chapter begins or ends, or to jump to the next chapter. The PDF/UA format therefore requires that all headings in the PDF are also specially marked internally as headings. This applies not only to headings, but also to alternative text for images, information about lists, tables, footnotes, and much more.  

Barrierfree with the PDF/UA Wizard

The PDF/UA wizard in the CIB pdf brewer makes it easy to create accessible PDFs, guiding you through each step. For example, images such as photos and sketches may appear without descriptions to individuals who are blind, only displaying the original file name (e.g., img032.jpg). The PDF/UA Assistant then prompts you to provide alternative text, such as “Maria S., ID-Card” to describe the image.

This additional information helps visually impaired individuals understand what is depicted in the images, making the overall message of the text more accessible to individuals with disabilities.

Complying with EU legal requirements

It’s important to note that, as per EU law, public authorities have been mandated to publish accessible documents since 2021. By 2025, this requirement will extend to all other sectors. 

Let´s move toward accessibility!

With the CIB pdf brewer, anyone can easily create truly accessible documents. The basic version is free of charge. In the business version you get even more functionalities for everyday PDF creation and edition.

Patrick Fritzsch

Head of CIB PDF Development