Our commitment in Corona times:

Reusable Community mask with rubber

The use of this mask may reduce the speed of respiratory flow or droplet expulsion, e.g. when coughing.

The mask can support awareness of "social distancing" and health-related mindfulness in dealing with oneself and others.

Corona mask

Product description

100% cotton fabric

Community Mask Washable at 60°C

Hot iron at max. 200°C

Do not tumble dry

Not a medical product

Not suitable for infants and young children

Instructions for use

Wash mask at 60°C before first use. Test the mask the first time you use it to make sure it passes enough air and does not interfere with normal breathing.

Wash hands thoroughly with soap before dressing.

When putting on the mask, do not touch the inside.

The mask must cover the mouth, nose and cheeks and fit as tightly as possible at the sides.

Immediately remove a soaked mask and replace it if necessary.

When taking off the mask, do not touch the outside, it is potentially pathogen-containing.

Wash hands thoroughly with soap after removing the mask.

Wash the mask immediately at 60°C after one use and allow to dry completely.

Temporarily, the mask can be stored in an airtight bag (only for a short time so that it does not become mouldy!).

In addition, it is recommended to iron the mask at a maximum of 200°C.

*Please be sure to observe:


This mask does not meet the standard requirements for Medical Mouth and Nose Protection.
It is not certified and does not protect the wearer from viral infection (such as COVID-19).



CIB accepts no liability for the effectiveness or proper use of the community mask.
Any claim for damages against CIB for injury to life, body or health is excluded.
The use of the community mask is exclusively at the user’s own risk.
The hygiene regulations of the Robert Koch Institute must be observed.

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