This is Fourmi, our CIB mascot!

Hello everyone! May I introduce myself?

Fourmi is pronounced Fuuurmi and comes from the French word for ant. However, some people also pronounce my name in English and call me "for me". I live with my siblings in a big sibling in a big anthill in Munich. But we also have relatives in Spain, Austria and Portugal.

Together we have developed a clever system with which documents can be created and processed much faster and more efficiently - we are small but mighty!

How I was born!

With our strong team spirit, we ants achieve great things. That's why our company founder Ulrich Brandner created me as a mascot. Our talented employee Tatjana Fust drew my first sketch and I've been proud to represent our team ever since!

  1. The stuffed toy manufacturer made a model of me. But somehow I was too angular, my nose too big and my bottom too small.
  2. In my next version, my butt was so big that I tipped backwards and couldn't stand. But I really wanted to stand!
  3. So I lost weight again - but the diet made me a bit too thin and wobbly on my feet.
  4. Now I am a real beauty, with perfect curves and I can stand.

Made with love

CIB Fourmi is handmade by Plüschtier-Kaufhaus in Germany from high-quality, soft materials. Our mascot bears the CE mark and complies with the European toy guidelines for product safety. The ant is washable, colorfast, resistant to saliva and perspiration and machine washable at 30 degrees.

Let´s CIB!