Internet of Things, Smart Offices and more – Research and Development at CIB

The Internet of Things enables the networking of everyday objects. The best-known area of application is the living comfort of smart homes – from automatic light regulation in the bedroom to voice-controlled multimedia systems.

But in the meantime, another area of application is also gaining in popularity: due to the high potential for increasing productivity, more and more employers are converting their offices into smart offices.

Smart offices as a technical challenge with potential

However, most smart offices use equipment from a wide variety of manufacturers whose control units are incompatible with competing products. CIB is therefore planning to develop a universal meta-app in the future that will enable the control of all smart office technologies installed at a location.

The goal: a single control centre for all smart devices in the office

Even at first glance, the challenges involved in developing such a solution become clear. Many common smart office devices not only form a closed ecosystem to which devices from other manufacturers have no access. They are also often based on widely differing interfaces and technologies. Some manufacturers use WLAN to control their devices, others use one of a variety of different wireless protocols.

The first goal is to develop a universal solution to control all smart office technologies at our own sites. The next stage is to make the finished meta-app market-ready and include it in the CIB product portfolio.

We approach the task with concentrated know-how

The talented CIB developers and product managers thus have a perfect opportunity to demonstrate their skills. In addition, we would like to enable them to exchange ideas on the topic of Smart Office with new colleagues. We are therefore planning to set up a complete IoT team in the near future. In order to obtain further know-how, we plan to enter into a cooperation with the traditional manufacturer and smart home pioneer Rademacher.

Our developers have further plans for the future

We are also working on new projects in the field of robotics. For example, we have developed a concept for the implementation of special scanning robots for the automated digitalization of book pages.

The future is here!

Let’s CIB!

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