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PDF edition in the browser: locally with 100% data security

Personal, sensitive, critical data – with CIB pdf standalone , companies also work online securely and 100% DSGVO compliant. This is how we make it possible: CIB pdf standalone is the only PDF program in the world that works with the innovative WebAssembly technology. Your browser loads the program into your cache and runs it here. Completely without installation. This means that whatever you do with your PDF, it happens in your local environment.

Fast, easy and for any browser

CIB pdf standalone has no direct access to the local system. This prevents it from running within your web browser. And your data never leaves your computer. But our work with this open standard has another advantage: our web application runs fast and works in all common browsers. WebAssembly-Technologie arbeitet. Ihr Browser lädt das Programm in Ihren Cache und führt es hier aus. Ganz ohne Installation. Das bedeutet: Wie auch immer Sie ein PDF bearbeiten, Ihre Daten verlassen nie die lokale Umgebung Ihres PCs oder mobilen Geräts.

CIB pdf standalone with Business Integration

Companies can license CIB pdf standalone and integrate it into their workflow and offerings. This saves both employees and customers steps and time. In addition, you do not need your own server farm for our PDF service. You benefit from low-maintenance and local PDF processing and an individually extendable tool box. Toolbox.

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