Artificial intelligence

Making inaccessible databases usable with the help of AI and automation

In order to be able to use our existing documents in compliance with the GDPR, several hundred receipts, invoices, offers and letters had to be anonymized and pseudonymized. Where a team would otherwise have to search through scanned PDFs and redact personal data manually, we have had our AI support us here!

AI training with CIB PoP, CIB deepER and CIB sherlock

After just three days, our AI modules were able to take on this task independently. The fact that individual data groups could be anonymized or pseudonymized as required proved to be particularly helpful. The AI became more precise and even more efficient with every task!

The automated AI workflow

After the AI training, the process was automated with our BPM tool - and thus significantly accelerated: CIB deepER automatically extracted data from scanned receipts, invoices and documents. These were correctly classified with CIB recogNice, the data protection-relevant entities were recognized with CIB sherlock and then anonymized or pseudonymized with CIB PoP.

Goal achieved!

Integration of previously inaccessible data into the company's added value

  • Training of AI systems for better automation
  • Realization of significant improvement potential for monetization
  • Generating added value from the data obtained
  • Legal certainty

  • Automated processes

  • Prozessgesteuerte QS

  • Webbasiertes BPM-Tool

  • Self-learning AI

  • KI antrainierbar

How does data protection work with AI?

Anonymize by blackening

During anonymization, the trained artificial intelligence recognizes learned data patterns and automatically blacks out the affected areas.

Pseudonymization of sensitive data

Here, a pseudonym, e.g. an ID number, is assigned to a personal data. Our AI automatically detects and replaces the affected data. Which pseudonym belongs to which person is recorded in a master list - so the personal reference can be restored if necessary.

Simplifying work processes with automation and AI

An AI developed individually and specifically for your use case is trained with our AI Superpower within a few days. It can be seamlessly integrated into your existing business processes.

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